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We specialise in manual gearboxes and offer a repair, recondition, strip and fit service.

All of our gearboxes come with a 12 month guarantee and of course we stand by our gearbox workmanship.

Is you gearbox playing up?


If your gearbox is playing up, getting it sorted out early rather than waiting until it gives-in could save you hundreds of pounds.



•Things to look out for:


•Grinding noises


•Slipping out of gear


•Difficult to get into gear


•Clunking noises

Experienced in all types of manual  gearboxes As we have been fixing gearboxes for over 25 years we can take on gearbox repair work for any vehicle no matter how small or how big. We repair all types of vehicles including:


•Typical white-van gearboxes


•All makes and models of car gearboxes


•4x4 vehicle gearboxes

Guaranteed bargain prices on gearbox repairs

We only use the best replacement parts that carry a 12 month guarantee. Swindon Mobile Tech could cost you as little as half of the price that a dealer would charge you for gearbox services.


If by chance your gearbox can not be repaired, then we will supply and fit a reconditioned one for you.


Swindon Mobile Tech

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Gearbox repairs and reconditioning