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When your vehicle develops a fault the on board computers recognise there is a problem and alert you by usually illuminating a warning light and possibly even putting the vehicle into a “limp” mode to allow you to get your vehicle home.


Here at Swindon Mobile Tech we are able to diagnose faults with your vehicle through its OBD (On Board Diagnostic) port. We use a range of different diagnostic equpiment to enable us to better suit your requirements and find the root of your vehicles issues.


We use equipment from manufacturers such as TRW, Snap-On and Sykes Pickavant. We have diagnostic modules specific to most manufacturers:


In addition to the manufacturer specific modules we also use an ELM327 diagnostic interface which supports all OBD2 protocols.


Using this range of equipment we are able to communicate with and repair almost every make and model of car and light commercial vehicle.


Contact us now to get your quote for quality, professional diagnostic repairs.

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